Steps Toward Becoming an Affiliate

Note: each affiliate takes shape in unique and autonomous ways. The following are general steps to work towards a fully functioning and sustained Project ADAM affiliate program.

  1. Connect with Project ADAM
  1. Partnership meeting
  • An introductory conference call should be scheduled to gauge partner interest and discuss resources in place and resources needed to start an affiliate program.
  • Attendees: Project ADAM administrator or national affiliate staff, key affiliate hospital stakeholders (medical director, hospital administrator, coordinator if there is a prospect).
  1. Secure hospital administration support 

In many cases the future hospital medical director will make the case for an affiliate program.

Insight from current Project ADAM affiliate coordinators and medical directors along with use of the following templates can help guide a successful proposal of future affiliation.


  1. Secure program budget 

In many cases a dedicated physician will identify the need for Project ADAM within their hospital structure. Working with your administrator or business manager is the best way to build a budget to sustain program staffing and activities. An appointed coordinator staffing role is critical to sustaining program activities. Some program sites choose to use an existing staff role to embrace the Project ADAM coordinator duties while some programs choose to post this opportunity as a new position.


  1. Complete affiliate and trademark agreements 
  • Prospective affiliate hospital system completes Project ADAM Standard Agreements in partnership with Children’s Wisconsin.
  • Project ADAM provides the resources and guidance to do so within the structure of a hospital system.
  • Our affiliate program aims to provide tools, resources and best practices to our coordinators, medical directors and constituents. Affiliate and Trademark agreements have been implemented to protect the trademark of “Project ADAM” by the Lemel Family (Adam’s parents), and to acknowledge that Children’s Wisconsin does not have control over what a program implements locally as we give hospital systems autonomy to use the tools and best practices and tailor it to their schools and communities. Therefore, we ask affiliate hospital systems to understand and take ownership of the program that is implemented locally by signing the standard agreements as they have been created.
  1. Appoint a Project ADAM Medical Director
  2. Appoint a Project ADAM Program Coordinator