Project ADAM has collected the following testimonials from across the nation to support your journey towards an affiliate site:

“Project ADAM is a tremendous value add not only to the Herma Heart Institute, but to the community. More than any other clinical initiative, Project ADAM allows us to reach ahead of diagnosis in a way not previously possible. Not only are we helping to get AEDs in the community, but more importantly making sure that people are able and willing to respond in emergency situations has proven time and again to be fundamental in saving lives.” 

- Aaron Kinney, DBA, FACHE, Executive Director, Herma Heart Institute, Children's Wisconsin

“Many hospital systems, especially Heart Centers, see the need for a program such as Project ADAM. Community outreach programs like Project ADAM help demonstrate your institutional commitment to the continuum of care, starting with prevention and early intervention. Public access defibrillation programs that are part of an overall heart safe school strategy are most effective when connected to larger systems and support. Being part of a national program like Project ADAM provides easy access to up to date resources and best practices to help ensure that your program has all the tools it needs to be successful. “ 

- Kathleen Murphy, Project ADAM National Advisory Council Member