Implementing a Heart Safe Youth Sports Program

Project ADAM affiliate sites strive to assist Youth Sports Programs in being prepared for sudden cardiac arrest.

A Project ADAM Heart Safe Youth Sports Program demonstrates they are prepared for a cardiac emergency by ensuring athletes, coaches, referees and spectators have access to AEDs, people trained in CPR/AED and a practiced plan.

Assess #READY-ness

Youth Sports Program Checklist


Work with your youth sports program's leadership to discuss the importance of preparing for cardiac emergencies in youth sports.

As an initial assessment of cardiac emergency preparedness for your site, complete the Heart Safe Youth Sports Checklist. Contact your local Project ADAM Program Coordinator for additional support. If you do not have an affiliate program in your state, use this tool as an assessment and guide to implementing a Heart Safe Youth Sports Program.


Develop your Plan

Medical Timeout Template


The purpose of a Medical Timeout is to briefly review the signs of a sudden cardiac arrest and identify the roles in responding to save the life of an athlete, coach, referee, or spectator.

Refer to the Project ADAM Heart Safe School section for additional program planning templaes that can be customized for a youth sports program.

Video Resource

Signs of Sudden Cardiac Arrest


Project ADAM would like to thank The Center for Sports Cardiology at UW Medicine, Dr. Jon Drezner and NFL Films for the creation of this educational video. We hope it helps you validate the need for CPR/AED programs across youth sports.