Partners of Project ADAM

If you are interested in learning more about activities in your state or region, please contact a Project ADAM affiliate program near you. Each affiliate has the privilege of working with many local partners who are focused on preventing sudden cardiac death throughout their community.

Educational Alliance Partners

Want to learn more about sudden cardiac death and its prevention? Want to read testimonials about young lives lost too soon as well as all of the young lives that have been saved?  Project ADAM is proud to partner with like-minded advocacy groups and organizations. We unite in our missions to save young lives from sudden cardiac death by advocating for proper screening and cardiac emergency preparedness on our nation’s school campuses. If you are interested in learning more, please follow the links to our partners’ websites.

  • Parent Heart Watch
  • SADS Foundation
  • Citizen CPR Foundation
  • Visit GotAED to set up a crowdfunding campaign.  GotAED is dedicated to getting AEDs in places where kids learn and play.  In minutes, your campaign will be up and you can begin notifying your network. Once you reach your goal, we’ll ship an AED and cabinet to your doorstep. If you have any questions, contact

CPR/AED Company Partners

Project ADAM partners with companies demonstrating superior customer service and competitive pricing to all our local affiliates and their partners to enhance school and community-based cardiac emergency preparedness.

Please contact Project ADAM or its nearest affiliate for information about regional vendor partnerships that may offer help to organizations seeking cardiac preparedness equipment, training and related items.

**Project ADAM maintains a vendor neutral policy.  A listing of company partners does not indicate or imply an endorsement or preference by Project ADAM for any AED company, brand or model.

Project ADAM National Meeting Involvement

If your company is interested in supporting our mission to save lives and would like to support a future Project ADAM National Meeting, please review our Sponsorship Document and contact the national office;  Thank you to our 2019 National Meeting Sponsors: