The Benefits of Affiliation with Project ADAM

Affiliate Hospital
  • National program implementation resources
  • United in a mission to support schools in implementing the chain of survival
  • Project ADAM national exposure
Partner Schools
  • Recipient of resources to respond to a cardiac emergency
  • Part of a national effort to save lives
  • Heart safe schools are part of an environment that fosters healthy, resilient learners.
  • Schools as community gathering spaces want to be well equipped to meet the community standard of care for sudden cardiac arrest.
  • An investment in school CPR-AED programs is an investment in the community that will pay dividends over time with more community members aware of, and able to perform CPR-AED rescue.
Affiliate Medical Directors
  • Identified leader in improving out of hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) survival rates
  • Identified state expert in school CPR-AED programs
  • Participate in future national collaborative to prevent sudden cardiac death in the young
  • Research opportunities
  • Often, affiliate programs get positive press for implementing Heart Safe Schools
  • Future research will be conducted to prove a possible correlation between positive media press and patient volumes
  • Amazing survivor stories that raise awareness of SCA