Heart Safe Schools

Implementing a Heart Safe School

Project ADAM affiliate sites strive to assist schools and communities in establishing a practiced plan to respond to a sudden cardiac arrest. We provide the foundation for a school to develop and sustain their program, including planning templates, a reference manual and one-on-one consultation.

A Project ADAM Heart Safe School has successfully implemented a quality sudden cardiac arrest program of awareness, training and effective emergency response to promote a safe environment for students, visitors and staff as outlined within the Heart Safe School Checklist.

Assess #READY-ness

Heart Safe School Checklist


Work with your school leadership prior to starting this process. Background for School Administrators has helpful information to guide initial conversations.

Next, as an initial assessment of cardiac emergency preparedness, fill out one checklist per school and return to your Project ADAM Program Coordinator.  If you do not have an affiliate program in your state, use this tool as an assessment and guide to implementing a Heart Safe School.

Develop your Plan

Heart Safe School Toolkit



A school can learn how to fulfill each criteria of the Heart Safe School Checklist by following the steps outlined in the toolkit.


Heart Safe School Manual


A school can utilize the manual as a guide to implementing a Heart Safe School. Click on the link below to download and review the manual.

Cardiac Emergency Response Planning for Schools: A Policy Statement

Implement your Process

Program Templates & Videos

A school can utilize the following templates to support implementing a Heart Safe School.

Click on any of the links below to download word documents that can be customized for your school building.

Contact your local affiliate for support.


Automated External Defibrillators


AED Site Assessment

AED Arrow Sign - Right

AED Arrow Sign - Left

AED Maintenance Log

Choosing an AED


Cardiac Emergency Response Team


Budget Template

Fundraising Tools


Cardiac Emergency Response Plan


CERP Full Version - appropriate for a school policy and procedure manual

CERP Full Version


CERP Abbreviated Versions and Poster- for quick reference or visually posting your response plan

Abbreviated Plan Example 1

Abbreviated Plan Example 2

Abbreviated Plan Example 3

Abbreviated Plan Example 4

Cardiac Emergency Response Plan Poster


Templates for Sharing your School CERP with Additional Groups

Extracurricular and Community Groups

Letter to Facility Users

Letter to Local Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

AED Site Information Form for EMS

Heart Safe School Training Videos

Chapter 1: The Adam in Project ADAM


Chapter 2: Understanding Sudden Cardiac Arrest


Chapter 3: Being Prepared in a Cardiac Emergency


Chapter 4: Implementing Project ADAM in Your School


AED Drill


All staff awareness


Annual cycle